The Itoo Society celebrated its 90th anniversary in 2004.

It was founded as a result of the immigrants from Aitou (Itoo), Lebanon banding together to help with the burial costs of a poor young man who had drowned. They also recognized that their countrymen back home were in need. Since then, the Itoo Society has continued to support many needy causes in Aitou.

We are all very proud of our Lebanese heritage and culture, but very few of us really know the proud and storied history of Lebanon. Khalil Khoury is one the few who has spent his entire life learning, teaching  and writing about the long and fascinating history of the Lebanese and their forefathers the Phoenicians.   Khalil has written an incredibly interesting and beautifully illustrated paper on Lebanon in which you will discover many surprising facts about Lebanon and the Phoenicians.  It gives Khalil much joy to make this written history available to all to read and to learn from it.  So please, open up Khalil’s report  and open your mind to our proud history.

 “Lebanon” by Khalil Khoury, PDF, 10MB

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